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The telecommunications industry is entering a new era of 5G, and with it, ubiquitous connectivity and the massive business potential associated with the Internet of Things (IoT). It is also facing

unprecedented financial and technical challenges to providing the widespread, low-cost coverage needed for the constant machine-to-machine communications required for modern IoT innovations.


These white papers maps out the current IoT climate, the potential opportunities and roadblocks, and how Nesten's blockchain-powered technology and community-supported network infrastructure represents an exciting technology and business paradigm shift.

The Approach

I conducted independent research to build background knowledge on the future direction of the IoT space, current telecommunications infrastructure, and opportunities to leverage blockchain and cryptocurrency to eliminate roadblocks to transformation in this industry. Studying technical documentation provided by the co-founder, I translated technical language to better explain the company's business value to an audience of investors. 



The Results

• Developed a consistent company voice across blogs and whitepapers intended for different audiences of customers and investors

• Built subject knowledge on blockchain, IoT, and innovations in the telecommunications space

• Adapted technical materials to public-facing content that built excitement around the company's offerings at critical moments in its rollout

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