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Optrilo is an enterprise cloud analytics tool that helps digital transformation leaders develop credible, long-term cloud capacity plans. I ghostwrote a series of white papers to help potential clients understand the benefits of the cloud, Optrilo's services, and help them advocate for cloud data storage in their workplaces. Combining technical explanations with business insights, these white papers seek to demonstrate how Optrilo's full-service cloud solution enables savings, optimizes workflow, and bridges the IT : business gap.

The Approach

After discussing goals with co-founders and key decision makers, Abigail developed a deep understanding of the product's analytics and business value for customers. With a strategic eye towards the company's goals and its current and future market position, I helped shape the product positioning, voice, and branding. 

Myths vs Facts in the Cloud

Taking Cloud to the Boardroom

The Results

• Contributed key content at a pivotal moment in this early-stage startup's development, defining its voice as it sought external partners, early clients, and investment

• Achieved positive response from prospective clients, investors, and partners

• Built expertise in cloud capacity analytics, understanding the technical side of this field and major issues in its business space

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Expert Series

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Optrilo Case Study

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